Overcome Busyness, the Enemy of Entrepreneurship


Busyness can be an adversary to your business. It divides your attention and confuses activity with achievement. And just because a task seems important or requires hard work does not necessarily mean that it helps you reach your overarching goals. (But you already knew that, right?)

Work is best when it has purpose. 

If you find yourself enveloped by lots of activity, but don't see progress toward your mission, ask yourself, does this effort: 

  • make me money; 
  • grow my brand; 
  • foster meaningful relationships; 
  • create a product strategy;  
  • teach me needed skills;
  • optimize operations; or 
  • provide lasting value to my business? 

You might say “yes." It is easy to justify tasks that are related to but not necessarily imminent to your success. So, check yourself, question: 

  • are there other pressing items on my to-do list that will more significantly impact my business;
  • am I avoiding something that scares me or is difficult; 
  • am I motivated by others’ expectations rather than what I know will be most beneficial to my needs? 

You might say “yes” to some of these, too. If you did, that’s okay; no business owner is victimless of busy work. Just remember that the most essential commodities that you have as an entrepreneur are your time and energy. 

Your business grows where your energy flows. 

Busyness begets more busyness. If ensnared by the ever-pressing force of meaningless work, take time to reprioritize your to-do list. A mindful pause is more important than chasing insignificant commitments.

So, whip out a digital to-do list or physical sheet of paper and write down the top 5 things that you need to do to grow your business. Assign each area with dates for completion. This offers a preliminary action plan that you can use to create steps to getting to your business goals

Make sure that preparing this simple action plan isn't just another effort of busy work. (I see you!) Don't let it be saved to an untouched folder or stuffed in a drawer. Post it or place it somewhere for you to see. Keep it present in your surroundings. Check things off from your list as you achieve them. 

Activity that is unchecked can completely derail your business from its mission. When you find busyness creeping in, reference your action plan and the questions above. They should refocus attention to your goals. 

Don’t look back, as we all have, and think, “I did all that work and it was worthless.” Be proactive and ditch meaningless effort. 

Work without purpose, even guised with merit, can also be a symptom of lack of direction. Need help finding focus? Get your free Goal Action Guide, a workbook with guides to prioritize and achieve your objectives. 


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