Feel Stuck? How Resilient People Get Out of a Rut 


Are you just going through the motions of your professional and personal life? Do you feel like your days are super busy but lack purpose? Do you have little excitement about your everyday routine or actions? (No, this isn’t a late night ad for pharmaceutical drugs.) If you answered “yes” to these questions, you’re likely in a rut. 

Ruts aren’t necessarily bad. We all go through them. They happen when the patterns of our lives become uninspired and unproductive. Getting unstuck from these behaviors can be difficult to change if we become trapped by the simple comforts of stagnate life. Luckily, there are a few ways to reframe our thinking to spark progress and reanimate motivation.  

To stop living in autopilot and create meaningful change, resilient people create action plans after they evaluate the root causes behind their uninspired routines. If you feel stuck or listless in your life choices, ask yourself these five questions to regain your purpose: 

1. Am I in the right situation?

If you lack enthusiasm for your job or living situation, you likely won’t be driven to succeed in those areas of your life. While your career or relationships may have started with fervor, those passions can fade. This is not unusual. Nonetheless, it is important to regularly consider your motivation for staying in your situation. Are you doing it because you enjoy aspects of the conditions you’re committed to, or are you staying in your job or relationship because it is comfortable? If you feel a lack of enthusiasm or that you are on the verge of burnout, reinvigorate your situation by constructing simple changes. Actively pursue tasks that you enjoy, try something that interests you, or reframe your thinking towards gratitude. When you find what motivates your emotional needs, you begin to climb out of a rut and reach new levels of clarity and energy. 

2. Am I challenging myself?

Those who we typically admire triumphed over obstacles and consistently pushed themselves forward. If you feel uninspired by your routine, consider challenging your boundaries. Create new goals that test what you think is possible. By striving to accomplish challenges, you will reignite your daily goals and purpose. Don’t be afraid to push through professional barriers and in pursuit of dream scenarios. Success is rarely achieved by taking the easy paths of life. 

3. Am I learning?

The pursuit of information helps us to avoid repeating or creating mistakes and gives us leverage to improve our conditions. How are you gaining new knowledge or overcoming your challenges? Consider how you can improve and take steps to make your situation better by learning new skills or evaluating the wisdom that comes from being stuck in a rut. Learning can carry you to a new phases in your life.

4. What is my plan?

As you challenge yourself, you should map out strategies that guide you to a better life. It helps to have steps and processes that allow you to reach new goals. Sit down and create a plan that will take you from where you are to where you want to go. Set your goals within reasonable chunks of time, say 90 days. This will help you to see changes within manageable and foreseeable timeframes.

5. Do I believe I can achieve my goals?

A positive mindset is at the center of moving forward. Do you believe in yourself? Do you think success is possible? Getting out of a rut is centered on having ambition for a better life. Ask yourself: Does my drive and passion for a new life mirror my aspiration for a new life? Goals are rarely achieved without conviction. Cultivate confidence by acknowledging the areas in your life where you excel, improving yourself through new challenges and learning, and seeing the rewards of a plan in action.

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