Ready, Set, Goal: How to Quickly Define Your Mission


Let’s face it, it’s tough staying focused. The day-in-day-out pulse to be engaged and do more can leave one with little left to show for by the end of the week. Why? Divided attentions add up to lackluster productivity and unrealized goals. 

Goals are constructs that we all set for ourselves. We define them, change them, accept them, achieve them, or abandon them. No one puts these limits on you, you create the targets yourself. You should feel good about your goals. You should feel confident with your direction. 

So what is something that you can do today that will positively impact your tomorrow? 

Here are three quick questions to ask to quickly find your personal mission:

  1. What does my ideal life look like? Get as specific as possible. Don’t hold back. Consider how achieving your goals will transform your life.

  2. What drives me to accomplish my goals? It is really important to define your why. Understanding the core, deep seeded emotions and logic behind your objectives will transform your goals into a mission. This makes it much easier to stay motivated as you overcome obstacles, which are inevitable. 

  3. What steps are necessary to achieve my dream? Define the actions required to get you to where you want to go. Think about the baby steps that will make your goal possible. Remember: Goals are achieved through gradual progress. 

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Ready, Set, Goal

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